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The Email Edit #1: PRESTO Coffee

This is the first installment in a new series we will be doing each week. So, grab a coffee (maybe PRESTO!?), make yourself comfortable, and get ready to enjoy the first edition of The Email Edit!

The Rules For The Email Edit

Every week, we hunt down super-effective marketing emails from brands worldwide and break down why they work.

The Email Edit has been created with one purpose in mind... to give you ideas & strategies to make your emails so much better.

Tips & tricks provided in The Email Edit are free - but on my, they're powerful!

When analyzing an email, we always ask ourselves 3 key questions:

  1. Why should I open this email?

  2. Why should I read this email?

  3. Why should I go to the website?

So, let's get started with question 1: "Why should I open this email?" This is where the subject line comes into play.

PRESTO builds curiosity with the subject line: "Your gift card is waiting" - this is a good teaser about what's inside the email.

They could have also used "You forgot your gift card" or added a personalized element to the subject line with "[First name], do you agree with these reviews?"

PRESTO's aim with the subject line is not to sell anything. The sole purpose here is to build intrigue and persuade their audience to open the email and give it a read.

Question 2: "Why should I read this email?" This question is related to the persuasive text in the body of the email.

Starting the copy with a question is a brilliant way to get an audience thinking.

Including an end date for the offer (Sunday) adds an element of scarcity and gives the reader that extra nudge to take action and shop now.

Including customer reviews is a fantastic way to build social proof when sending out emails. Also, highlighting awards and "As Seen In" elements in the copy build authority and puts a spotlight on why their products are the best of the best.

Showcasing that the coffee is one of the "10 Best Ethical Coffee Brands" and voted an "Indy Best Buy" reinforces why this product is a no-brainer to purchase.

Now more than ever, sustainability is at the forefront of consumers' minds - especially in the world of coffee.

Highlighting that PRESTO is a B Corp certified clearly shows that this brand is at the forefront of ethical and sustainable practices.

Including text in bold in the description of the B Corp section gives the copy some flavor and emphasizes what the reader needs to really pay attention to.

Finally, we ask ourselves, "Why should I go to this website?" This is where the offer and CTA buttons play their part.

PRESTO kept it simple with their CTA buttons by using the likes of "Shop Now" and "Read More Reviews" - it's highly recommended to keep your CTA short and sweet to maximize click-through rates. The last thing you want to do is create confusion when asking the reader to take action.

What To Do Now

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  3. Get some coffee from PRESTO. And dissect all their top-notch emails.

See you on the next installment of The Email Edit :)

- Sam from Writers Pop



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